Our rooms:  The rate for our rooms is $110.00 plus 7% tax for a total of $117.70  We no longer take credit cards.  The Great room has its own rates as dictated by the number of guests staying.  Arrangements can be made for an Aero bed for small children at no extra charge. Teams for Black Mountain of Maine or Sunday River events are given special rates (lower of course!) We serve a full family style breakfast as part of the accommodation.

The Bluebutterfly Room  is named after the lovely butterflies woven into the wool carpet.  This room is located on the first floor, has a private bath, pedestal sink and queen size bed.  The room is furnished with a wonderful sleigh bed and matching dresser.  We can accommodate an inflatable Aero mattress for a small child in this room.



The Raspberry room is upstairs , has a double bed and private bath. It also has facility for laundry for guests.  "Clothesline" for antique dainties is for show only! There is a small refrigerator and microwave.  


The Sage room is upstairs and has two single beds and a bunk bed.  The bath is a shared bath across the hall. 

The Rose room is upstairs and has two single beds with a shared bath.  The beds are antique English single beds.  







The Great room is upstairs, has six single beds, as well as a large Sony TV, VCR, DVD player and fireplace.  Guests use the shared bath on the same floor.  The charge for this room is dependent on the number of guests using it with a minimum of 4 people.  It is $50 plus tax per person with a 5 person minimum.

The Green Room is downstairs and has a double bed. It shares the large bathroom upstairs as well as has access to a half bath facility downstairs. 


The Bee Hives are behind and adjacent to the barn.  There are approximately 10,000 rooms however, they are currently occupied and the cost is priceless!