Nature Rags   

    We have a number of items which allow our guests to take a bit of country living with them when they leave, they are inexpensively priced, they make great gifts and they reflect the Maine experience.

   We have honey from the happy bees living in our hives.  Harvesting honey is sticky business (pun intended!!) and the product obtained is quite amazing. It is even more wonderful when it is raw and unprocessed as it is when you buy it directly from the beekeepers. Honey is sold by its weight and we have three sizes available, 8oz ( $3.00) , 16oz ($5.00) and 32 oz  ($8.00) .   We  also have honey comb available.              

      We  also have jams, chutneys, fruit-based marinades made in our kitchen with berries and fruit found locally. These are priced generally around $3.00 to $5.00.

We have Maple syrup from local folks who collect the maple sap in the early spring (March-April) and condense it over heat and over many hours to make the golden and rich flavored syrup that no artificial product comes close to.   Some of our syrup comes from our neighbors at Sabina Farm owned by the Milligan Family.  This is their Sugaring house which is open to the public in April.   Maple syrup comes in 3 sizes, 8oz ($3.50) 16 oz ($6.00) and 32oz ($10.50). This is a truly unique product of the Northeast maple trees whose location in the cold climate enables them to produce the maple sap in abundance.  We ship too.

    We have hand-made glycerin soaps which have been made with essential oils for fragrance and other "natural" ingredients.  They have also been wrapped in rice paper and tied with raphia  which has glass beads laced on it as a decorative touch.   These soaps may be scented with lavender, citrus, chamomile, almond, kiwi lime, and other aromas.  They are a gift for the senses.  They are $3.50 each or 3 for $10 and may be purchased with a unique soap dish.  The dish displayed here has a beautiful dragonfly design.

    We have bees-wax products as well.   Nicky and Bertha Kelley are members of the Western Maine Beekeeper's Association and have been making beeswax based hand cream for friends and family for many years.   Beeswax hand cream may come with or without tea tree oil and is $3.50 for approximately 2oz.  This is a favored item by local people , so I don't always have it in stock but it is very good for the skin.

    We are very fortunate to have a collection of Carole Rickards drawings and cards to sell.  Carole is a talented local artist known for the exquisite detail of her work and her ability to capture nature scenes, native birds and flowers and dogs.  We have some of her prints which have been framed ($20.00) and a collection of her note cards which are suitable for framing or for sending to someone special ($2.00 each) . 

We have brought from the Boston Flower mart a collection of more unusual dried plants.  You will find artichokes, mushrooms, lotus and ones which are proving to be very popular, the eucalyptus.  We have chartreuse, lavender and dark emerald green versions and their scent is refreshing and pleasant.   








We are also interested in creating wearable art and offer it to our guests.  We are in the process of setting up a website entitled "NATURE RAGS" in which we will describe the kinds of jackets and vests which we will make individually for each of our adult women customers.  The jacket below is a typical example of the kind of applique hand work I enjoy.  It is my intention to design and construct these wearable art items for women of all sizes, and particularly for those full-bodied women who may not have many opportunities to shop for affordable wearable art.

We also have quilting retreats here and enjoy quilting with guests as well.  Below is a jacket constructed with oriental inspired fabric and on the right, is an eyeglass/cell phone or whatever holder suspended on a long cord which allows it to hand from the neck.   The quilt on the right is a Baby quilt prepared for a friend's first child.